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Our Makeup Organizer has an excellent quality, a glass-like aspect, and is quite durable. Years of usage are possible without experiencing any issues. It keeps your center tidy and organized. All of your accessories may be kept in one location with our storage jars.

Product Features:

Durable material: This acrylic spherical dispenser is strong and secure. The cans appear like glass but are more durable due to the thicker construction than other thin plastic cans.

Design that is stackable: To conserve space, the top and bottom two levels may be stacked. The lower layer is made with a U-shaped notch that can be easily removed from the cotton pad in addition to being dustproof and clean.

Perfectly Fitting Lid: The bamboo lid was polished several times to make it smooth and textured, and it fits snugly. As a result, you can swiftly open the cotton swab with one hand.

Convenient Storage: These bathroom-specific clear plastic jars not only make it easier to locate things but also keep them hygienic and clean.

Storage that serves a purpose: These boxes are perfect for storing little items in bathrooms. They are excellent for storing cotton swabs, dental floss sticks, cotton swabs, cotton swabs, bath salts, hair bands, and other tiny items.


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Makeup OrganizerMakeup Organizer | Acrylic Storage Jar
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