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Declutter your pants storage with this easy-to-find storage space. With one grid and one object, this organizer is the perfect complement to any closet or clothing shelf. The design makes for easy viewing and finding of what you store, without having to disturb your impeccable clothes arrangement. The material can be cleaned easily with gentle detergent and warm water, using a simple sponge.

Our Closet Organizer makes it easy to keep track of your favorite t-shirts and jeans while adding a stylish touch to your bedroom or closet. We understand the struggle of keeping the closets organized, and now you don’t have think about that anymore.

Product Features:

1. One grid, one object, transparent and visible, washable, and even more pants can be seen at a glance.

2. Transparent and visible, easy to find objects, any surface is transparent and visible, quickly find objects.

3. Washable, clean and hygienic, using nylon + Oxford cloth environmental protection material, easy to clean.

4. Three-dimensional and crisp, independent access, thick material, strong and rigid, can be moved by the whole box.

5. Super dense nylon mesh cloth, thick nylon thread, high-density weave, strong and durable.


Socks Gray, Socks Beige, Underpants Beige, Underpants Gray, Bra Beige, Bra Gray, Leggings Beige, Leggings Gray, Jeans Beige, Jeans Gray, T-shirt Beige, T-shirt Gray


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